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Infinite CBD Wholesale Dashboard.

Here you will have access to industry-leading CBD products to bring your customers one step closer to a balanced endocannabinoid system and homeostasis. We know this product line not only expands upon what you are able to offer your dedicated customers, but we link you with a representative from our dedicated sales force to continually aid you in future purchases, selling tactics and keep you up to date on all sales and promotions!

Here is a simple walkthrough of the features we offer on this dashboard. We’ve optimized the user experience to ensure a quick and stress-free shopping and ordering process.

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Welcome to the Dashboard!

This is the home hub of our new wholesale dashboard. This is where you can navigate to everything you will need from the shop, educational material, your account information and more. Below we will go through some of the main features you will find on this dashboard.

  1. This is your home base. From here, you have access to our latest promotions and opportunities to save big on your next order.
  2. Next we have a personalized rebate earnings tracker to show how many credits you have earned towards your next purchase.
  3. Below, we have a simple log of your past orders readily available to view, print or even duplicate to make reordering the same products 3 clicks away!
  4. Finally, you can directly contact your Sales Representative at the bottom of the page! After creating an account and being matched with your Sales Representative, a form at the bottom of your homepage will directly put you into contact with them.

Let’s look at the Resources Tab.

  1. Here you will find useful information to further impress your customers with quality CBD and data to back it up.
  2. Educational Content: In the coming weeks, our wholesale clients will have access to a plethora of informative blog articles and how-tos to maximize the wholesale experience. Our marketing team will continuously provide helpful case studies and relevant articles to keep up with the ever changing industry.
  3. Our top selling products will be available here as well! We’ll explain how our wholesale clients are able receive 150% ROI, well above the standard keystone rate! Moreover, these selling points will have a lasting impact on your customers.
  4. Articles, videos, case studies and infographics will be regularly uploaded to help your business grow and prosper.
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Next is the Payment/Shipping Tab.

  1. First and foremost, you will see your most recently used address and payment method at the top of this screen. With each order, these will automatically change to represent the most recent purchase.
  2. Next are the multiple payment options that can be logged into your account as well! Now, Wholesale clients can save each card in their account and choose which works best for each order.
    1. You can add a new address simply by clicking the “Add Payment Method” button.
  3. Lastly, wholesale clients will be able to save multiple addresses in your account. Many of our wholesalers have multiple storefronts or prefer at-home deliveries of products. With our newly updated portal, you can save any locations you wish to make for a simplified ordering process.
    1. You can add a new address simply by clicking the “Add New Shipping Address” button.

4.  Net 14 Applications are available upon request from your designated Sales Representative. We know how hard it can be to manage payments and customer demands, so we’re offering the opportunity to take some weight off of your shoulders.

Wholesale Terms

The Infinite CBD Wholesale Terms and Conditions are directly linked in the top navigation bar.

The terms outline:
Minimum order value
Wholesale pricing
MSRP information
Payment terms
Satisfaction guarantee
Damaged products
Coupons and discounts
Ordering process
Rebate program

• July 21, 2020